I can’t let your trip out mess me up hun, you’re going through phases and stages that I will agree are rough spaces I can’t deny that you deserve your space in time, you got your chance to be who you wanted to be with me, but self sabotage is steering your helm and direction and I can’t take me through those doors with you it’s only because once I saw how I gotta be ok without you, so life taught me the only way I must go through trauma I had to have not avoided the darkness, karma has been too much of a beast dram for Bigmama, mauling me and I don’t want to keep experiencing that energy, so I stepped outside looking in on life I can’t attach myself, entangle an entangling myself in a web you’ve weaved, you energy that tries to deceive me, go ahead and trip out I’m moving forward with or without you my super self absorbed ego I don’t need you no more! I’m not in danger of being crushed in any way because ultimately I made it through hell and back with you, now go sit down in my subconscious and observe what life looks like through my other eye!

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